Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In Which Irving Police Can't Recognize a Timekeeping Device and Can't Spell

I'm updating this from my phone so please forgive the simplicity of this post.

If you'll join me in reading this article then we can talk about a glorious typo I found.

About a third of the way down you will find the following:

"She doesn't speak English or know her exact age, but her granddaughters translatged her take on her grandson's celebrity"

Now, I may have only gotten a degree in ASL interpreting so that doesn't mean I know anything about spoken language interpreting. For all I know, "translaging" could be a specific technique that spoken language interpreters use, who can really say. It's not like I know any spoken language interpreters, and I'm far too lazy to find one and ask. 

However, I feel like it's far more likely someone at got a little too excited while writing this article and made a typo. I'd like to think that would have hired an editor to check for things like this. I'd also like to think that when publishing articles about topics in the national headline, maybe a good once over is in order.

But that's just me.

In the end, it's unfortunate what happened to Ahmed, I hope that the outpouring of support encourages him to continue to explore his scientific curiosity. I also hope that someone at sees what they published and feels really awful about it.