Friday, June 13, 2014

Repetitions Repeat Themselves

Here's the original article over at CNN. Now you may read that article and think, "There's no typos there. What's the issue?"

Well here's the issue: CNN reporter Jill Martin got just a little cosy with a particular phrase.

"A person familiar with Sterling's legal strategy." Well that seems like a perfectly sensible person to information from and cite as a source. Sounds like crack journalism so far, what's the problem?

Okay, they cited the same thing again only now it's a source instead of a person. Again, so what?

What? Now they're back to being a person again? C'mon, Jill, make up your mind! Or is the person/source page of your thesaurus stuck to the front of your monitor and you can't think to type anything else?

Hokay, I get it. So basically you have once source and you just alternate between calling them a "source" or a "person" every other paragraph so it doesn't sound too repetitive. I get it. I really do. But maybe next time you can talk to someone who will actually give you their name. I mean honestly, who the fuck needs protection from Donald Sterling so bad they have to hide their identity? You'd think they were giving sworn testimony against Tommy DeVito or something.

Look, Jill wrote an excellent article, and honestly I have zero business critiquing a writer for, I honestly just haven't seen any glaring typos online in the past few days and needed something to gripe about. Jesus, I can't even stick to insulting people anonymously via a blog that hardly anyone reads. What's wrong with me?

I'm gonna go read some more.